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We were hired to establish an omni-channel approach to creative and media strategy which in turn shifted perception and drove awareness and conversion for the brand.

Single Page Website Saving Pack

Single page website save package
In the digital age, websites are the easiest source of information for customers to access. This is a recognizable place.
Therefore, it is necessary to create a company website or identity. One page is summarized on one page. Suitable for people with lower budgets. We need a website that provides reliable information. Communication is simple, not complex, and can be viewed on any screen size. The contact form allows website visitors to fill out when contacting you and facilitates information collection.

  • Business starters (Starter)
  • Uncomplex products or services
  • No more than 8 products or services

Multi page website Veluy Pack

This website provides detailed information on multiple pages, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and above. There is more information and a variety of products or services available. And I hope to input detailed information about products or services on the website. You can create blog articles and update company news.

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises and above
  • The product or service is complex and requires detailed information
  • More than 8 products or services
  • Update relevant news or articles

A great idea is not enough. Building a functional, user-friendly product is a tricky process which requires experience and expertise. We can help you plan, validate and deliver the product you’re dreaming of.


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